RED & TED'S ROAD SHOW Pinball Machine Game for sale

RED & TED'S ROAD SHOW Pinball Machine Game for sale by WILLIAMS - FREE SHIPPING!


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This is a RED & TED'S ROAD SHOW Pinball Machine Game for sale by WILLIAMS!






Hit the road with RED & TED'S ROADSHOW.  You're guaranteed a good time because Red & Ted are the new, more advanced versions of Williams' blockbuster PinMation concept and cousins of Funhouse's Rudy.



Carlene Carter is the voice of Red, a brassy country girl with a heart of gold and a free wheelin' way with a bulldozer.  Ted is her two-steppin' partner, a good guy with a bad roadside manner.  Both keep up a near-constant commentary with players and each other as they travel west to California, looking for fun and finding trouble in 18 different cities.  They crush a few cabs in New York, party at Mardi Gras in New Orleans and meet monsters in San Francisco, trashing pavement every mile of the way.



Williams' latest SuperPin also features four flippers and two plungers - one for a skill shot that sends a ball flying towards Ted's hard hat.  There's plenty of three-ball multi-ball excitement, wild dot-mation sequences, and a rainstorm and explosions with enough power to shake the game and rattle players.  And Williams' DCS Sound System never sounded better than when Red sings Carlene Carter's hit "Every Little Thing".



There's a lot to see and do in RED & TED'S ROADSHOW - more than one player can get to in a single game.  That's why WILLIAMS added a buy-in feature to keep'em coming back for more, and more...which is exactly what you can count on getting with RED & TED'S ROADSHOW!